About BCA-CV

Breast Cancer Awareness–Cumberland Valley, Inc. is an organization composed of breast cancer survivors and individuals concerned about this disease. We know the anxiety and questions a diagnosis of breast cancer can cause, and we are here to help, to share our experience and knowledge. Some of the most valuable information and emotional support comes from those who have faced the same experience.

Visit BCA–CV’s website or on Facebook. For more info, contact Janet Lung, executive director, Breast Cancer Awareness–Cumberland Valley 322 East Antietam St., Suite 101 Hagerstown, MD 21740 or call 301-791-5843 or 800-963-0101.

We serve the following counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia:

  • Washington County, MD
  • Frederick County, MD
  • Franklin County, PA
  • Fulton County, PA
  • Berkeley County, WV
  • Morgan County, WV
  • Jefferson County, WV

BCA-CV Programs


Angels send cards/notes weekly to newly diagnosed breast cancer survivors. Call the office for more information.


A toll-free number with trained breast cancer survivors who listen, support, encourage and provide information through all stages of the disease.

Dinner's Ready

Gift cards for chemotherapy and radiation patients to provide a meal for their families after treatment.


FREE one-time, two (2) hour house cleaning for breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.


A day of fun, relaxation, education and friendship for survivors offered several times a year.


Patients receive after surgery information from a BCA–CV staff person. Information includes exercises and supplies to aid in recovery from breast cancer surgery. Please call for more information.

BCA–CV has FREE wigs, turbans, and hats for women during chemotherapy treatment. Also, the BCA–CV Prosthesis Bank is offering FREE breast prosthesis and bras to women with no health insurance or in financial need in the tri-state area. Stop in the BCA–CV office and we will help you select the items you need.

The program is open to all women without health insurance or without health insurance coverage for these items. Selection is limited to items supply in the office.

Donations are gratefully accepted for wigs, hats and turbans. They may be dropped off at the BCA–CV Office Monday through Friday.



The Special Needs Assistance Program is for help with financial costs for basic living expenses for patients in active treatment for breast cancer. No medical/prescription bills will be considered. This program is only available to breast cancer patients living in Western Maryland, Franklin and Fulton Counties in Pennsylvania, and Jefferson, Berkeley and Morgan Counties in West Virginia. Applications are available through the BCA-CV Office. Guidelines apply.